Listen to Gloria Niyamahoro and Aloys Nibigira, they testify…

There’s nothing more amazing than seeing the children you’ve raised growing up well. The association “Help the Least of All in Burundi, HELLO-B” finds itself in just such a situation. Two of its many beneficiaries tell us about their journeys and the contribution HELLO-B has made to change their lives and socio-professional situation. Moving testimonials!

“HELLO-B is my parent. She helped me in my school and academic career. Now, I’m an employee of the Public Service Mutual Insurance. I provide for myself and my family. It’s all thanks to HELLO-B, which paid for my secondary and university education,” says Niyamahoro Gloria, a woman employed by the Burundi Public Service Mutual Insurance.

In her testimony, Gloria Niyamahoro, a native of the Kabezi commune in Bujumbura province, says that if HELLO-B hadn’t been there, she wouldn’t have been able to complete her studies. She begins by telling us how she met the HELLO-B Association.

“My name is Gloria Niyamahoro. I’m a native of Kabezi commune, Bujumbura province. After completing my lower secondary education, I wanted to go on to upper secondary school in a technical section. Unfortunately, I missed out on a place at the public schools. So I had to study at a private secondary school to find my preferred section. After just one year, my family got completely unable to pay for me to attend this school. So I had to stop studying. When I was at the point of dropping out of school, I got the opportunity to meet by chance the initiators of the HELLO-B association. I told them about my case and they got touched. They promised to help me through HELLO-B. HELLO-B supported me financially, materially and morally until the end of my secondary school studies. They soon promised to help me continue my university studies at a private university. HELLO-B paid for all my university studies.

After my graduation in Business Administration, Finance and Accounting field, I found a job in the Public Service Mutual Insurance after 5 months of unemployment. I’m now an employee of this parapublic entity. I provide for myself and my family. It’s all thanks to HELLO-B, my parent”, testifies Gloria Niyamahoro, a young Christian woman.

It’s almost the same story with Aloys Nibigira, current Director General of Administration and Finance at the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning.

“My name is Aloys NIBIGIRA. I’m a native of Bujumbura. I first met the HELLO-B association at the end of my secondary school studies. I was thinking about how I was going to study the university. I wanted to study the faculty of economics but I couldn’t see the funds to pay the academic fees and provide for myself. My family wasn’t able to support me. So I met the initiators of the HELLO-B association and they promised to help me. HELLO-B took charge of all my academic expenses. It helped me pay for academic fees, travel expenses and all the materials I needed for university. HELLO-B also paid me accommodations for the four years of my bachelor’s degree. After my graduation, I got my first job at the cell phone company, ECONET Wireless Burundi. In my professional career, I’ve climbed through the ranks. I held various positions such as chief accountant, administrative and financial manager and so on. In the Ministry of Finance, Budget and Economic Planning, I worked on various projects supported by the World Bank. Now I’m the Director General of Administration and Finance in the same ministry. So I’m delighted with the step already taken thanks to the support of the HELLO-B association. I give thanks to God for everything He has done for me through HELLO-B”, says Aloys NIBIGIRA, one of the beneficiaries of HELLO-B’s education projects.

Every year, the HELLO-B association supports pupils from the poorest families. HELLO-B’s support mainly involves the provision of school kits, school fees, uniforms or full coverage. All this is done according to the degree of vulnerability. The aim of this initiative is to contribute to access to quality education for children and young people from underprivileged families, in line with HELLO-B’s vision.

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