HELLO-B: Food assistance for 160 families in three communes of Bujumbura province

As part of the Easter celebration, the association “Help the least of all in Burundi, HELLO-B” assisted 160 families in three communes of Bujumbura province. It was a moment of joy and conviviality for the members of HELLO-B, the beneficiaries of this support and the local administrative.

480 kg of rice were given to 100 families in Isare and Mubimbi communes on March 20, 2024 and to 60 families in Mutambu commune, Bujumbura province, on March 21, 2024.
This assistance was provided by the association “Help the least of all in Burundi, HELLO-B” with the support of the Ministry of National Solidarity, Social Affairs, Human Rights and Gender. The two institutions have been partners for several years.

Espérance Mpawenimana, Legal Representative of Hello-B, who attended the food distribution ceremony, said that solidarity is one of HELLO-B’s core values. She wished the families a happy Easter.

The beneficiaries got delighted with this food aid and wished blessings to everyone who had contributed so that this aid could reach them.

The Governor’s Advisor in charge of development, who enhanced the food distribution activities in all these communes, thanked HELLO-B and its partners for having thought to share the Easter with the population of Bujumbura province. He also expressed his appreciation for HELLO-B’s various initiatives in Bujumbura province and promised, on behalf of the Governor and himself, to further support HELLO-B’s various projects in their province.

As a reminder, HELLO-B maintains good relations with various state and private institutions. It collaborates with ministries, local and international NGOs and many other people, both corporate and individual, motivated by humanism, social equity and solidarity.

Thibilisse Nkurunziza